Fancy that.

You've landed yourself in just the right place! I'm Laura, a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 20 years in the photographic industry have afforded me some incredible experiences and a unique artistic perspective. I am a graduate of the University of Utah and hold the Master Photographer and Craftsman Degrees from the Professional Photographers of America. I am a staunch advocate for the arts. Bragging is not my forte, but I have a bunch of awards that more than qualify me to be commissioned to photograph your wedding or create some portraits, wink, wink!  I worked for nearly half my life learning the in's and outs of photography, posing and lighting from some masters of the craft and am proud to be a small business owner connecting with other inspiring creatives.

Growing up with artists, musicians and creatives has taught me that not only is  this stuff coursing through my veins, but also that I have a deep desire to hand-craft photographs that tell a story in an age-less way. I like to think I fuse all the elements of classic portraiture with a contemporary edge that still leaves you recognizable in an image.  

I live and play in the rocky mountains of Utah with my husband and 3 kids. In my downtime I coach group fitness and make lunches, explore nearby hiking trails, chip away at the endless- task of updating a home, and take big gulps of mountain air.